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T W O  S I S T E R S ‘ J O U R N E Y


Two sisters embarked on a journey in 2011 to provide beautiful and long-lasting human hair extensions to women globally. This journey began while on vacation together in Europe. They were surprised and saddened to see that just as in the United States; there were a large percentage of women around the world wearing low-quality hair extensions. This inspired them, upon their return home, to start a hair company that would provide superior quality, beautiful, long lasting cuticle intact and aligned human hair extensions that would stand the test of time, heat, and coloring. They are very proud that they were the first hair extension company to provide hair extensions to women of every ethnicity because beauty and confidence knows no color.


They recognized that every woman desires the feeling of confidence and beauty. That hair matters and has the ability to significantly enhance your look. They created a hair extension line that does exactly that! They traveled to different countries in search of sources of high-quality hair they desired to sell. They then put the hair extensions through many months of trials and testing to ensure that they had the best hair extensions in the industry. The sisters were able to find hair with minimal tangling and shedding and the ability to be bleached and colored without damaging the hair extensions. It was vital that the hair not only look great on the first day, but great several years or installs after. It was then and will always be important to them to believe in and stand behind the quality of their products.
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Creating perfection is only as good as the materials you start with…Eye for Design is a hair extension company that provides superior quality and long lasting 100% single donor Remy Virgin Brazilian, Indian, and European Cuticle Intact and Aligned human hair extensions. The hair is cuticle aligned and intact so that all strands face the same direction, decreasing the tangling and matting of the extensions. Our 100% human hair extensions can be color treated, washed, curled, straightened, and undergo blowdry’s – just as you do your own while protecting your natural hair. Our Remy European extensions are colored with a multi-tone coloring system, which allows them to blend seamlessly with your own hair. When you wear Eye for Design hair extensions no one can tell that it is not your own. Our extensions are thick from top to bottom providing the healthier, fuller look that everyone covets! As one of the top hair extension brands, Eye for Design understands that hair is an important accessory to every woman; therefore, they want to make sure that their hair extensions only add to, complement, and complete your natural beauty.

THE MODERN WOMAN: She is Multi-Faceted, Unique, and Beautiful

Eye for Design’s overall goal is to Re-design the Modern Woman by providing her the ability to create diverse looks that are supported by beautiful, durable, affordable, and long-lasting hair. Eye for Design’s line of weft/bundle, clip-ins, tapeins, and Keratin I/U Tip fusion hair extensions, ponytails, bangs, and wigs are designed to meet the demands of the everyday woman, from fashion to function, helping define her individuality and reflect her lifestyle.
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